miércoles, 12 de febrero de 2014

much blood // pale skin

About meh.

Age. 17
Where I’m from. Argentina
Where I would like to live. Japan or somewhere in US
Favourite food. Fish
Religion. Christianity
Sexual orientation. Antrosexual
Single/taken. Single
Favourite book. El Inventor de Juegos
Eye colour. Brown
Favourite movie. Forrest Gump
Favourite TV show. All TELEFE shows
Favourite band/singer. BTF, MIW, BMTH
Random fact about me. I don't know...
Favorite day of the year. None
Favourite colour. Black & White
If I have any pets; if so, their names. Cats: Pelusa, Katara, Barbie, Jazmín, Bill, Zac, Sam, Sole, Midnight, Jumper, Negro, Nala, Paz, Ricky, Mike. Dogs: Sassy & Irina. Hamsters: Rasputina & Chris. Bird: Pipino
What I’m listening to right now. The Simpson on TV
Last movie I’ve watched. Orphan
What’s my ringtone. None.
Favourite male character from a TV show. All on Pulseras Rojas
Favourite female character from a TV show. Nina from Avenida Brasil
What my name means. Victoria - Winner
Favourite superhero. Spiderman
Celebrity crush. Chris Motionless
My birthday. 27th June
Ever self-harmed? Yes